10 people, over 100 work steps, 1 jacket… Design, prototyping and distribution handled in New York, materials sourced from Turkey, simply because they have the finest available. This way our classic and often unconventional pieces are not just cool also durable and sustainable.. This is the origin of your Leathermatter piece.

The brand was created by New York based fashion and product designer Zelda Farzak, was established in Fall 2018. The designer has studied Engineering Design Management and Fashion Design in New York before launching her line. Leathermatter is a collection of leather outerwear and accessories that focuses on comfort, quality material and craftsmanship. Her innovative art inspired designs capture a timeless New York City aesthetic, also the designer’s upbringing when she spent her young years at the backseat of her brother Tamer's motorcycle.

“ I always searched for the perfect buttery feeling simple leather jacket that comfortably fits me and gives me the same feeling of our dreams of me and my brother when riding our old bike. Our only need was a cool outfit. Eventually, nothing has changed since then. To me, a leather jacket is one magic piece that can fix any look, makes you feel free and gives you that rebellious confidence. The source of my differentiation from the traditions in my field is I spent so much time bringing the elegance into my works that timelessly fit into todays and tomorrows looks. “ Zelda F.